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1 = first – unique – in front – excelence , etc.

First Knowledge base (1kb)

Is a technology used to store complex structured and unstructured information used by a computer system.

1 KiloByte (1kb)

Is Automaticaly associated with the world of electronics, computer science, robotics and automation since the very well known memory measure 1kb.

One Key Business (1kb)

Great for companies that provide assistance, legal advice and financial advices for all kinds of investors.

First Kid’s Brain (1kb)

Perfect for companies conducting research to improve the quality and durability of materials bearing or for those who are at the forefront of the latest advances in the field to provide customers the best.

Older similar sales

– 1RC.com 14,200 USD

– BK1.com 12,800 USD

– 1KA.com 10,000 USD

– 1SA.com 9,500 USD

– 1MI.com 9,022 USD

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This domain name is short and original since visually and aurally will remain in the memory of potential customers.

For Online Management (4om)

Magistral domain name for new management consulting firms that provide advisory services, change or re-engineering of businesses and enterprises.

For Original Marketing (4om)

Incomparable domain name to promote the services offered by companies specializing in marketing, web designers, graphic designers, writers and bloggers articles.

For Outstanding Membership (4om)

Perfect domain name for companies that take care of their members providing goods and services such as: courses, seminars, exhibitions and fairs, tours, promotions, sporting, social, cultural, corporate, events and more.
Allowing customers to buy from the comfort of your home or workplace.

Older similar sales

– 5uc.com SOLD for 15,000

– 7th.com SOLD for 15,000

– 1rc.com SOLD for 14,200

– 4rx.com SOLD for 11,000

– 4se.com SOLD for 10,228

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Can stand for:

5th Generation Data transfer (5gdt)

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