Thinking differently
Our company has been in the market since 2010 developing websites, software and applications. Our new goal is to provide great domain names to investors and to final users.

We know that the right domain name creates the right online presence. But what is the best way to buy, sell and promote products on the internet?

After talking with investors and gurus in this business, we came to the conclusion that short domain names are the way to go.Few people remember a long address. So it has to be short.

When we were working on a big project we came in contact with a well-known company. Nothing was more annoying than writing their long web address or extremely complicated email addresses.
The development team realized that it would be a good idea to introduce an acronym, the short version of the domain name, to the public.

That little change generated a lot of money because more customers visited their website.

Other companies have followed the idea, such as Google with their G in front of their mail service, British Airways with BA.com and others.

Try a short domain!

Ryar Systems