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  • With a $1.5M seed round, Eloquent Labs mixes AI and Mechanical Turk to fix customer service
     Keenon Werling would be the first to agree that conversational AI is regularly overhyped. So instead of taking the traditional approach and gloating about a glitzy new deeper learning algorithm to pitch his new venture Eloquent Labs, Werling instead opted to differentiate by optimizing something far more low-tech, people. The startup’s special sauce is embracing a mix of AI,… Read […]
  • Oracle boosts cloud offering with Apiary API management tool acquisition
     Oracle acquired API management startup Apiary today for an undisclosed amount. Apiary, which launched in 2011 and has raised a modest $8.5 million, helps companies manage APIs, which is an increasingly important job. As every company becomes a software company, they are building platforms and providing ways for customers and third-parties to build applications using their […]